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Simple Veggie Risotto
(Super kid-friendly version)

I make this without a recipe, so all the measurements are guesstimates- sorry!

2tbs Olive Oil
2-3cups Aborio Rice
1-1.5lt Veggie Stock
1/3 medium Pumpkin (diced small)
3 sticks Celery (diced small)
1 cup Peas (frozen are fine)
1/2 cup Parmesan / Tasty Cheese (for the top)

Heat veggie stock in a saucepan & leave to simmer

In a separate pan/pot heat oil
Add the celery and cook for a few minutes without letting it brown
Add the rice & stir, allowing rice to get covered with oil & turn transparent
Add the pumpkin & cook for 3-4 minutes (remember to stir as it will stick very quickly)
Add the peas
Add a ladle full of stock & allow the rice to soak it up. If the liquid disappears really fast, turn your heat down (you want it to absorb not evaporate)
Keep adding ladles of stock until the rice is tender & the veggies are cooked

Sprinkle with cheese & enjoy!!!

-Use any veggies you have handy. This is a very basic version, so have fun with different concoctions.
-When I’m cooking this for adults I tend to use onion instead of the celery & I also add garlic
-You can add diced chicken for a ‘meat eater’ version
-You may need more stock/liquid, it all depends on your veggies & the pot you’re using