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Who doesn’t love a cute & functional product?!

Perfect for babychinos, hot milk or even as a sippy cup for water!

 KeepCups‘  are lightweight, dishwasher safe, microwaveable, splashproof and BPA free! They come in a HUGE range of different colours and you’re able to 

I actually have one of the larger KeepCups myself & I’m in love. It keeps my coffee warm for ages and it makes me feel good for not adding to landfill. 

“The Belkiz Feedaway High Chair”

The Belkiz Feedaway is an eco friendly high chair made entirely from recycled cardboard. The Feedaway is even covered in a non toxic food grade coating to make cleaning up easy. It’s even 100% recyleable when you’re done with it!

They say it’s suitable for children up to 20 months or around 20kgs.

It’s also really cheap compared to regular high chairs- only $39.95

Check it out at-

Would any of you mama’s out there consider it? Would you use it as your main highchair or perhaps just for travel?

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After throwing away my ‘Pump’ water bottle, I opted to buy something a little bit kinder (for me & the environment)

I did some research and I decided I would purchase a “Water Bobble”.
They are BPA free, recycled and filter your water as you drink!

They come in 3 sizes-
Large (1L)
Medium (550mls)
Small (385mls)

There is also a kids Bobble, which is the same size as the small but has a multicoloured filter! So cute!

I love my Bobble and recommend them to everyone! 

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