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Only got eggs left in the panty? Kids begging you for something special for lunch? Why not give these a crack (pun totally intended)

What you need-
Fresh eggs
Food colour
Multiple bowls

Bring water to the boil in the saucepan
Place eggs gently into the water & cook until hard boiled

While eggs are cooking place 3-4 drops of colour into your little bowls, top with water (enough to cover 1 egg)

Once eggs are cooked, immediately tap with a knife/spoon so that cracks appear in the shell (don’t crack too much, you want the shell to stay intact)
Place cracked eggs into the food colouring, allow to sit for 15-20 minutes
Run eggs under cold water to get rid of any excess dye.
Peels eggs & enjoy!

For an exciting breaky, prepare eggs the night before and leave in the dye mix over night.

Experiment with multicoloured eggs, dip the top in red and the bottom in blue!

The more cracks you make, the more coloured the egg will be. Remember to leave some shell uncracked so you can see the pattern!